My First Impressions “Willing Beauty” Hy-5

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Yesterday I shared my experiences with the Willing Beauty Samples from Origami Owl’s 2017 LEAD 2017. I was overwhelmed by the number of comments I received and felt grateful. I thought I would share it with you.

Willing Beauty First, let me backup a bit

Origami Owl announced their latest addition to the Origami Owl Family. This Spring, known as Willing Beauty, will be revealed on Saturday, January 14th 2017. Sunday morning I did a video of me unboxing my samples and tried the Daytime samples. Because I was too afraid to expose my naked face to nearly 800 of my Facebook friends, I shared my face wash on Facebook Live in a small private group.

There are currently over a dozen comments, and many more replies under comments. I’ve found that we all have the same problems, similarities and solutions in skin care.

I have been asked if my intention is to represent Willing Beauty. I don’t know. Realistically, I consider how much time I will need to dedicate to this new venture. This is in addition to my current work, homeschooling, and other personal interests. The official Beauty Advisor for April 2017 can also be a Beauty Advisor. In July 2017, the company will go live and be fully accessible to everyone. The products work wonders on my skin, and I’ll continue using them. The five products from HY-5 did not make me stop buying the products I use every day, if at all. When someone asked me which products I was currently using, my answer was:

This is a lot of products. I am aware that it is overwhelming. My goal for 2017 is to live a minimalist lifestyle and do more with less. This is mostly due to my struggle to find the right products for my skin over the past 6 months to a full year. These items I kept because my skin has returned to normal and my skin is acne-free. My skin was raging with severe acne. I tried everything, including a gentle, healthy skincare regimen, safe ingredients, and multi- and deep cleaning tools. But my skin continued to flare up, even though I tried everything. I finally found and kept the products I listed above, most of which I only used since last summer and autumn.