What makes “Aether Beauty” unique?

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All Aether Beauty Beauty Eyeshadow palettes are 100% recyclable and FSC-certified paper. FSC-certified refers to paper that is sourced from wood suppliers who “prevent pollution, protect habitat, plant more trees than are harvested and avoid displacing local peoples and harming wildlife.” Did we mention that the palettes are stunning?

The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette is a color that lasts throughout the day. I have personally used it regularly. These shadows are made with organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and have a smooth buttery texture that can be applied in one swipe. These shadows are infused with organic rosehip oil, which gives radiant, glowing skin. Rose Quartz powder reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and redness, while illuminating skin with its light-reflective stones.

Aether beauty Business 

If you had told me five years ago the details of how wasteful and unsustainable the beauty business is, I would have laughed and forgotten about it within minutes. Words like sustainability and zero waste were foreign to me at that time. But today, I see how important it is for us to have the dialogue, especially in the beauty industry, and the huge impact it has on the environment. It all, from the way it is made to the packaging and chemicals used.

Tiila Abbitt discovered all of this while working as a product developer at Sephora’s inhouse collection. It was something she discovered that I had never heard of. The United States has only 11 prohibited chemicals in color cosmetics. In Europe, 1,300 are banned. ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED! It’s a huge difference, and it makes me wonder what I’m doing to my face every day.

Abbitt decided that she would take matters into her hands and create Aether Beauty Beauty, which is a sustainable beauty brand that does not compromise on beauty. When we think of brands that are organic, natural and recyclable, we tend to think that they will only offer products that provide a natural look. This means that there are no bright colors, glitters or shimmers. You can expect all that and more with Aether Beauty Beauty.

They’ve created a new eyeshadow palette to celebrate yesterday’s Earth Day. Summer Solstice is the name of this palette and it is STUNNING. An eyeshadow palette can provide everything you need: warm tones that are perfect for daytime, cool tones that add dimension to your eyes, and dark shades to help transition to night.