Altoona Beauty School: Hairstylist & Cosmetology

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The 1250-hour Cosmetology Program will teach future cosmetologists the basics of hairdressing and skin care. Lectures, demonstrations, theory and practice work by students altoona beauty school , as well as written and practical evaluations are all part of the program. In ten weeks, the student will have completed their first level.

The first level teaches you specific techniques. Students will be able to move onto the student salon floor after completing level 1 and 300 hours. Students have a lot of experience with cutting, foiling and perming as well as styling and coloring. Students are expected to meet high standards in order to sharpen their skills and prepare for the Salon Industry upon graduation.

Altoona beauty school SPECIALISED TRAINING

We do not promote a single product brand. To give students an extensive exposure to the industry, we work with many product lines and manufacturers. Altoona Beauty School proudly is a Wella Pro School member.

Our students have access to the best products and top-of-the-line educational materials. We also offer world-renowned haircutting and finishing education opportunities. We are committed to providing graduates with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the beauty industry.

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience at the Student Salon every day. During our Student Salon hours, all aspects of hair, nail, skin care, makeup, and more are performed on the public. This practice helps students to perfect their craft, learn time management, product recommendation, product up-staging, and rebooking in order to be ready for work immediately after graduation.

Altoona Beauty School provides students with the opportunity to learn about current trends from Salon Industry Professionals. Students may also be able to attend local, state and international hair shows through Altoona Beauty School’s field trips.

We are pleased to announce the addition of MUD Makeup Designory to our curriculum. MUD professionals will be taught by MUD certified instructors.

Altoona Beauty School Nuts and Bolts

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