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Beauty Tap launched in 2017 and has enjoyed strong popularity among K-beauty lovers. James Sun, CEO of Beauty Tap, felt it was necessary to go the extra mile and allow customers to see the best Korean beauty products in person. South Coast Plaza was chosen as the site for the first Beauty Tap boutique. It is located on level 1 just near Carousel Court.

Sun stated, “We recognize that to build relationships with your customers and communities you must go beyond the online experience.” This is where the physical element of our business comes in. We allow customers to visit our store in person to learn more about our products and interact with our knowledgeable staff.

The glass boutique’s bubbly facade in signature pink invites shoppers into a brightly lit beauty land with full-length mirrors and a whimsical, Instagrammable Wall. Customers can also view the ingredient lists for each product, interact with other members of the community board, and browse the Beauty Tips editorial community. This backdrop is perfect for snapping that mid-shopping shot with its swinging and floral design.

Beauty Tap Educates Customers 

The grand opening attracted many people to Jessica Jung, Creative Director and Founder for cosmetics line Blanc & Eclare. Jung stated that skincare is a passion and she chose to partner Beauty Tap to sell my Blanc and Eclare Serein Skincare lines because they represent K-beauty as an everyday life style. Beauty Tap educates customers about Korean products so they can reap the benefits.

The boutique stocks over 30 brands, including hard-to-find cult favourites like JayJun, Earth’s Recipe, Leaders and Huxley, as well as classic K-beauty essentials like Missha, The History of Whoo and Hera.

JayJun Green Tea eye cream patches are our choice. The hydrogel soothes skin irritations with green tea powder and simultaneously protects and strengthens the delicate skin around your eyes. For approximately 20 minutes, place one patch under each eye. If you need more help, leave it on for 30 minutes. After the time has expired, peel the patch off gently and massage the remaining moisture into your skin.

Beauty Tap is well-known for its high quality skincare products, but also cosmetics. The selection focuses on makeup and lip tints, but it is the best. HERA’s six-shade Black Cushion compacts, which are the best-selling product, have a light gel-like foundation that gives you breathable and buildable coverage. They can be refilled and easily pop out.

Beauty Tips is more than a shop. It’s about meeting people in person. Beauty Tips brings K-beauty influencers and experts to the flagship location so fans can actually meet them in person. Sun stated that Beauty Tap is passionate about sharing a little bit of Korean culture with the world by using the best K-beauty products.