The Most Popular Robusta Varietyes

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There are many varieties of whole bean coffee, but only a handful are suitable for making high-quality beverages. While Arabica is the most popular, Robusta is second. It is what kind of beverage and why is it so beloved by consumers?

Robusta is different from Arabica in taste and aroma. Robusta is a strong drink made from these berries. It has a strong bitter taste. It lacks the softness, charm, and sweetness of Arabica. Only a few coffee drinkers choose to drink 100% whole bean Robusta. To soften the bitter taste, there are many roasting options. They also try to create new varieties, which are unpretentious but still delicious.

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Robusta is cheaper than Arabica. Arabica is hand-harvested, while Robusta is automated and combined with vibrating tools, brushes, and other equipment that move the berries.

Coffee-producing companies often exhibit their products online to reach customers and provide the latest coffee products.

Robusta varieties

Robusta comes in many different varieties, but only a few are very popular due to their unique taste and aroma. They vary depending on where they were grown.

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Today, most Robusta is grown in Vietnam. It is a green coffee growing region. Due to the different growing conditions, Vietnamese Robusta is milder. Its spicy notes can be clearly traced in its nutty notes.

  • You can smell fresh bread aromas when you call “Blue Dragon”.
  • “Sang Tao has a mildly sweet flavor.


It is considered to be the best in Africa. This drink is particularly strong and fragrant. Try Ambriz, which is Angola’s coffee. This area is known for its excellent whole bean coffee and great weather. Here are the most expensive Robusta varieties.


Quilou is grown on the Congo. It is one of the oldest Robusta species. The trees can reach 16 feet in height when they are wild. Although it is not common to find coffee for sale, the coffee is great. Quilou is part of the elite grades. Coffee berries contain 9% of aromatic oils and 4% caffeine. The bitter taste is caused by alkaloid. The bitterness decreases after roasting. Quilou is a coffee blend that produces a dense, rich foam.

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Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire, the largest supplier of Robusta in the continent, is the most important. On 3 million hectares, coffee and cocoa are planted together. This country’s Robusta is well-known for its neutral taste and high saturation.

Cameroon and Uganda

Cameroon’s Robusta has a sweet, earthy taste with tropical aromas. Uganda accounts for half of all coffee exports. Threety thousand hectares have been set aside for Arabica and 242 thousand hectares surrounding Lake Victoria are under Robusta. In the mid 2000s, Uganda had half a million coffee growers. The name “shambas” is used to describe coffee gardens in Uganda.


This whole bean coffee variety is used to make instant coffee or espresso. Conilon du Brasil is growing in Brazil. It is strawberry-flavored. Conilon material was used by biologists to create new Robusta spice resistant to leaf rust.

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Java Ineak is another name for Indonesian coffee. This coffee can be found in India, Cameroon and Uganda. Robusta does not have the same richness as Arabica. It is worth trying. Coffee lovers love to discover new things every day, so don’t miss out!

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