Top 8 Apps to Stream Sports on IOS

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Are you a sports fan? If so, you will understand the fact that sports lovers never get bored by live-action. Sports fans want updates and highlights every minute of every day. They prefer to subscribe to providers that offer more sports channels. To inquire about the different packages and deals, they call the customer service number at 866.

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Smartphones are the best thing about this technologically-driven world. You can connect with your favorite sports channel from your phone. Live updates are available and you can watch the action while out in public, with friends, or outside of your home. Let’s take a look at some apps that stream live sports on iOS devices.

  1. ESPN

ESPN is a global leader and the most trusted sports broadcasting channel. The mobile app functions more as a resource for authentic sports coverage. ESPN has you covered, whether it’s old content or new videos.

You can also filter the content of your favorite teams using this feature. ESPN offers as many channels as ESPN 2 or ESPN Classic. An iOS device allows you to stay connected to your favorite sporting events.

  1. DAZN

Are you a big fan of boxing, MMA, or MLB? The DAZN mobile app is the perfect tool for you if so. You can stream your favorite fights and matches on the move with this live streaming app.

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DAZN’s connectivity with televisions, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles makes it even more appealing. DAZN is a great option for those who enjoy watching on larger screens. You can also access the library to view old classic fights. This is a free app for your iOS.

  1. Mobdro

Mobdro, a sports app that is free to use, offers a variety of sports and a live streaming option. Mobdro allows users to search for their favorite videos quickly and without any hassle. This app is unique in that you can save the video and watch it again later. Mobdro TVfree sports section gives you access to an extensive collection of popular, old and new sports videos.

  1. Premier Player

Premier Player makes it easy to view live sports. The user can also access content from LaLiga TV and Premier Sports. All streaming services can be bundled together in one application. You can switch to any player whenever you feel the need.

Each channel can be viewed in HD resolution and can be connected to a Smart TV or Fire TV/Stick. Premier Play allows you to stream live NASCAR races in HD resolution.

  1. YipTV

Cable companies can be a nuisance and cause a lot of stress. Sports lovers don’t like it when things get frustrating. YipTV allows you to watch live sports events all day with hundreds of channels.

The platform currently has more than 100 channels that cover sports live streaming, updates and highlights. You can also subscribe to the platform for a paid subscription, which unlocks more channels.

  1. fuboTV Live

FuboTV Live is a great option for sports fans. You will be satisfied with live action. It offers over 30 channels, making it a very popular app in the United States. You read that correctly!

What channels are you able to expect to see on this app? Although the list is long, you do know that CBS Sports and The Golf Channel are included. FuboTV Live also allows you to replay and record any games you missed. You will also receive sports alerts.

  1. WherestheMatch

This application is essential if you don’t want to miss live action. You will be able to keep up with the latest schedules for different sports like cricket, darts, football, basketball and even football.

This app allows you to quickly browse TV schedules, daily matches, and more. You can also add events to your calendar, and receive reminders about the games you want to watch.

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  1. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is the channel of choice for sports fans. You can also download the app to your iOS device. What’s the catch? If you sign up, you’ll be able receive push notifications as well as live scores and media content.

This app allows you to watch all types of sports, including NCAA basketball and SEC football. Users will also be able to access Fantasy Sports content. What’s more? You can personalize your news content, and you will be able to personalize your push notifications.


You can also stream live sports using other apps. These are the most popular applications, with millions of users. Each app is a great platform for streaming live-action throughout the day. Who would object? It’s not for those who are passionate about sports. These applications are so cool because you can view different types of sports on them.

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There are only a few apps that allow live streaming at premium resolution on iOS. There are a few apps that offer exceptional views and results, which ensures sports fans have an unparalleled experience. It is likely that you will become addicted to the app you love the most. You can take your live-action excitement with you wherever you go because it is compatible with smartphones. Which one of these apps will you try?