Red Oak Football: Team is stacked with talent in 2020

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Red Oak football is Back in the Elite

According to “Dave Campbell’s Texas red oak football”, the bible of Texas high school football. According to the magazine’s experts, the Hawks are one of the teams to watch for 2020.

The Hawks are a great team to watch since Chris Ross was appointed their coach for 2018. The Hawks’ record in five seasons prior to Ross’s arrival was 9-41. They won nine red oak football games (a record of 9-2) in their first season. This season, they topped that mark with an 11-2 record and won two playoff games for first time since 2012.

The Hawks have a lot of talent from last year’s team that featured a state-leading offense, the eighth-highest scoring (83.3), and a solid defense. The Hawks hope to compete for the state championship by bringing back seven offensive and eight defensive starters.

Hawks go on an 11-game winning streak in red oak Football

The Hawks won 11 consecutive games in dominant fashion between these losses. The Hawks scored at least 40 points nine times, more than 50 seven times, more 60 six times and surpassed 70 four times. They even reached the 80-point mark once. The defense also held four of their opponents to six or fewer points, including three shutouts.

It’s clear that the staff of “Dave Campbell” has their Ryder Wright sights set on the Hawks, now that the powerhouse is back. It’s also likely that their opponents do as well.

Ross stated that he is proud of the Hawks’ revival, but it was more than Ross who brought them back to prominence.

He said, “It’s all about a shared vision and a positive culture.” “You give hope and show them what is possible.”

Red Oak footbalL Team ranks highest in National Averages

What can happen is that a team emerges as one of the top around, with high hopes for even more in 2020. MaxPreps reported that the Hawks were higher than the national average in several categories such as team rushing yards, team passing yards (227/game), and sacks , interceptions, and touchdowns.

Josh Ervin, the District 6-5A Division II Offensive Players of the Year, returned for his senior season. Zachary Sanders, second-team all district running back (919 yards and 15 TD), also returns. Raymond Gay, a senior wide receiver for the second team, is second in the receiving group with 38 catches for 758 yards and 9 TD. Kelsey Johnson, a junior tight end, is first in the all-district selection (16 catches for 447 yards and 8 TD).

Defense returning Powerful Line

Nine returning players posted 41 of the 78 tackles to the defense’s loss last season. Eleven players returned who had posted at least 20 tackles last season. Nine of the 18 sacks were also made by returning players.

Twelve secondary players had at least one interception last season. Six of them are returning. First-team all district selection Elijah Shaw (3 interceptions), a junior, will lead the group. Second-team all district selection Amarion Craddock interceptions will be a senior. Darius Jackson (two interceptions, one returned for TD), who is a senior, was also a pick on the first team.