The Story of “My Beauty Diary”

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What’s the story behind Taiwanese skincare brand My Beauty Diary, and how did it come about? My Beauty Diary is a key player in the Asian beauty industry. Sheet masks are not something that was invented in Asia but they have become an integral part of Asian skincare with thousands of options.

My Beauty Diary was established in 2004 when the construction of the famous Taipei 101 building was completed. As with skincare, Asian beauty products were not as well-known as the rest of the world. It was founded in order to meet the “various needs of skincare across Asia through the continuous development and innovation of products.” Although this motto sounds a little technical, it has its merits.

My Beauty Diary, like other Taiwanese businesses, came from a background in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. They were able to create sheet masks with advanced manufacturing techniques that are more affordable, better quality and fit more comfortably. My Beauty Diary sheetmasks were quickly popularized in Asia, and later the rest of the globe.

Anatomy of a My Beauty Sheet Mask

My Beauty Diary sheetmasks are made from tencel/lyocell fiber, which is a natural and non-synthetic material that’s derived from wood pulp. These sheet masks are highly breathable and thin with a form-fitting fit. They also cost less than more expensive materials such as silk.

The skincare serum is the next important part. It does not use parabens, MI or MCI preservatives. However, they are still capable of making products with high shelf-life and stability through their sterile in-house manufacturing process and quality control. Each mask is measured after the serum has been added to the sheet.

You might find this all appealing, but are you still curious about how to improve your skin?


My Beauty Diary is most well-known for its moisturizing and brightening sheet masks. However, they also offer a variety of flavor options that are suitable for all skin types. The Nature Key Line, Duo Brightening EX+ Line and the floral Multi-Silk Essence are their main product lines. These are our top recommendations for Sheet Masks that will suit every skin concern.

My Beauty Diary Sheet masks: Brighten Dull Skin, Uneven Skin, Pigmentation

My Royal Pearl Radiance Masque

This sheet mask is great for instant and lasting glow. To prevent the triggering of pigmentation factors, pearl extract is combined with Tabebuia Impetiginosa and Arbutin to create a moisturizing, healthy texture.