Kenia Beauty: The Set and define kit

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This week saw the return of The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, a foundation I had previously reviewed. However, this week’s bag contained a new palette. The Ontiveros Kenia Beauty Set, and the Define Kit were both included in my July Charm Premium. This palette is quite interesting as it contains a translucent/white powder, setting powder, contour, dark contour, and bronzer.

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The setting powder didn’t help either. Although it is an acceptable powder, I found it slightly yellowed on my skin. It is a great product, but not my colour.

The highlighter is my favourite. The highlighter is the real star of the palette. Although it appears pink when applied initially, I noticed a subtle golden glow when the highlighter was blended. This was a subtle highlighter that’s perfect for work or night out. It worked well on zoom calls, even though I don’t go out often. If this highlighter is sold individually, I’d consider buying it to add to my collection.

Not so much the contour, dark contour, and bronzer. Although the colours look great on the swatches, they are difficult to blend onto the skin. They wanted to stay where I had put them when I applied it. Their new home was where the brush touched. So my lines didn’t blend out. To blend them out I used my foundation brush, basically using the foundation that was still on the brush to erase the contours and bronze.

This is not the point.

The Ontiveros Kenia Beauty website sells this palette for $42. It feels more like a $20 palette in the hand. It is a $20 palette, but I will keep it for the highlighter. I also love the Mattify powder and will likely use it every time I pull it out. This will be a “you can’t eat any pudding if your meat isn’t good enough” scenario, where I have to make sure I use the highlighter. This will ensure that I only use two of six products from the palette. Even though I am thinking about those weeks, I will still take my regular powder brush out to the bathroom so it doesn’t get lost.

Normally, I’d post my eyeshadow palette review of the week next. But, to be completely honest, even though I pulled out an eyeshadow palette to use, it wasn’t what I used. This week, I kept it simple. It looked like I was trying to break a speed record with my morning makeup. My makeup bag was stuffed with lip products, while my eyes got very little mascara. I did like this week’s mascara though.