Here are some tips to help you win your fantasy basketball league

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The fantasy basketball season is here, so now is the time to make some moves and separate yourself from your league mates. NBA Lottery Pick JOE Alexander, has decided to share his expertise. Joe has played professionally for the past 13 years. Prior to that, he was in the spotlight of the national basketball scene at West Virginia University, playing for hall-of-fame coach Bob Huggins. Joe Alexander was a National Strength & Conditioning All-American. Now, Joe Alexander is making lengthy, detailed lectures on the most obscure elements of professional basketball development. Amateurs are amateurs. Professionals are a completely different kind of. They have found the right information and stuck to it. For the first time ever amateurs will now have access to these sought-after secrets of professional athletes.

Here are some tips for those who have never written. The bottom line is that preparation will determine whether you succeed or fail.

If you have already drafted, your focus should be on the early-season waiverwire. If one of your late-round picks hasn’t been producing, don’t be afraid to grab surprise performers during the first few weeks.

Point Guard: Take Action Early

This suggestion might seem counterintuitive given the number of exciting, young point guards in NBA. It’s actually quite reasonable if you look deeper.

John Wall, Ricky Rubio, and Derrick Rose will all be out of action for the season because of injuries. At least five other teams also have new starting point guards. It is more important to draft a traditional PG within the first two or third rounds, given the rise in score-first and pass-second point guards.

Multi-Category Stat-Stuffers

There’s nothing better than players who can fill every category of the box score in fantasy basketball.

James will not be your top-two pick in the season. However, you should target the poor man’s version of him in your draft.

They are not fantasy players, but they can be scoring specialists. Instead, look for players who can contribute to your team’s points, rebounds and assists.

It’s also important to target players in the draft as well as on the waiver wire who can contribute in areas you wouldn’t expect from someone at this position. For example, Rajon Rondo’s rebounding or Kevin Love’s 3-point field-goal shooting.

Keep a list of sleepers handy

Drafting without a list of fantasy sleepers is a way to drastically reduce your chances of winning your fantasy title. You can’t really mess up your first picks, unless you are injured or suffer from some other serious calamity. You either reach championship level or you completely fail in the middle rounds.

Do not ignore players on terrible teams

Someone has to compile stats for those teams. They may not be very attractive. They may not be very impressive. These teams score at least 85-90 points each night.

Glen Davis is one of my favourite sleepers, and he plays for the Magic. Dwight Howard was injured in April and Dwight Howard had to go down. Davis returned and played 16.4 points, 8.8 boards, and 1.4 steals over the final month.

Howard is now a Los Angeles resident, so Davis has the best chance to be Howard’s permanent replacement. Jameer Nelson, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, and Bismack Biyombo of the Magic are solid late-round picks.

For the format of your league, plan accordingly

If you are going to follow the advice on only one of these slides then make sure it is this one.

Make sure to pay attention to the settings of your league when you’re preparing for it this year. This includes whether your league is a rotisserie format or if it’s head-to-head. A head-to-head league isn’t worth the risk of Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Love suffering from long-term injuries. Love and Nowitzki will return to their usual ridiculous averages when they are back, so you’ll have to keep those first few weeks of H2H without them.

However, a roto league will allow you to play lesser players instead of Love or Nowitzki. These are difficult decisions that you want to avoid as much as possible.