Which Cycle Repair YouTube Channel is Best?

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If you regularly ride a bike, a great skill to have is knowing how to repair and maintain the bike yourself. Although there is no replacement for an experienced bicycle mechanic when it comes to more complex tasks, there is a lot you can do yourself from the comfort of your own home. More simple repair and maintenance tasks include anything from replacing a bike chain to fixing a puncture.

One of the best platforms to source bicycle repair and maintenance information is YouTube. There are a number of cycling focused channels, but with so many to choose from it can seem like a minefield. Fortunately, we have completed some research into some of the leading cycle repair channels on YouTube and identified which Cycle Repair Youtube Channel is best.

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3. Park Tool

One of the most popular cycling repair YouTube channels is ParkTool. If you are a member of the cycling community, there is a good chance that you have already heard about Park Tool because they are renowned for producing high quality bikes and some of the most trusted tools on the market. This has made them an influential figure in the industry, allowing them to create successful YouTube videos which include repair guides, general tips and instructions on how to use their products.

Despite their range of videos that seemingly answer any questions one might have regarding cycle maintenance, comments from viewers suggest that these videos are a little bit cheesy at times which can put people off.

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2. Global Cycling Network

Another reputable cycle repair YouTube channel is the Global Cycling Network who have been around almost 10 years which has allowed them to build a loyal following. Being the world’s biggest cycling channel, they have the funds and resources available to produce a huge range of videos. In Fact the channel is actually run by the Play Sports Network, a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

The downside of it being part of such a huge company is that it is difficult to relate to at times, the videos and teachers can come across overly formal. Many viewers have noted them to include too much promotion and that any promotions they make should be taken with a grain of salt. Some viewers have even commented that they only use their videos for entertainment videos and do not trust what they say when it comes to product recommendations since they are almost always sponsored.

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1.  Cycle Maintenance Academy

After thorough research, we have found that Cycle Maintenance Academy are the most trustworthy and product the easiest to follow guides. What makes this channel stand out from the crowd is that unlike Park Tool and the Global Cycling Network, this channel was set up out of passion for a sport and a desire to make cycling more accessible by sharing their bicycle maintenance knowledge.

The team is only small and works hard to put out weekly content which includes cycle maintenance, repair and informative videos. They also have a website which contains all of their guides and tutorials in a written format. They are quick to answer viewers questions and respond to any feedback which is one of the benefits of any smaller organisation.