7 Tips to Get Your Tennis Fix While You Wait for The  US Open

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This year tennis is a hot topic. We can thank Novak Djokovic, who made it a popular topic. Novak Djokovic has been having a lot of problems with his visa paperwork and is not yet able to participate in the Australian Open. It was quite exciting to watch him battle the customs and immigration teams. You will be more excited for any future matches if he wins this fight. The US Open will be held from June 16-19, 2022. You might want to consider getting your tennis fix elsewhere while you wait. Continue reading to find out how you feel about any of these suggestions!

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1. Check out some of the old matches

You can relax in your own home and enjoy the time you have, watching old tournaments and looking for the details. You can actually go to the Australian Open in January and the French Open from late may to early June. Wimbledon is in late June to early Jul, while the US Open is in August-September. You can now watch matches that were played between 5-7 years ago on YouTube. You can also see other minor players, leaving Federer and Novak behind. You will feel a sense for newness and diversity.

2. Play!

You can get your fix fast and in the shortest amount of time, but you still want to feel it firsthand. So why not play? You can even go out with friends to book a court for just 1-2 hours. There are both indoor and outdoor courts available, so you can enjoy your match regardless of the weather. It is possible to play tennis in any part of the world. You only need a court that meets high standards. These courts can be expensive to book but can be so much fun!

3. Talk about it with your friends.

Talking to friends and asking for their opinions can make a big difference in your life. Have a coffee or a few beers with your friends. Tennis fans and lovers alike will enjoy talking about the sport. Get together, go to your favorite spot, and begin reminiscing over your past favorites. It’s always nice to get another perspective and opinion on your favorite players, moves or tournaments. A “tennis night”, where you can re-watch old tournaments, is also possible at your house.

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4. Ask your athletes friends for advice

If you have an athlete friend, make sure you give them a call. You will get along so well with your friend. Despite being into basketball or football, they are well-informed about the tennis industry and the world. You might be able to learn some juicy information about certain players from them.

  • PS: If you don’t like to socialize and want to play virtual tennis from the comfort of home, you can try one of many different games. With current graphics and VR, you can play on any device, whether it is a phone, tablet, computer or console.

5. Listen to a podcast or watch an interview

You can find thousands of videos that are worth watching online. To get your weekly dose of entertainment, you can always go to your favorite television channel, journalist, podcast, or website. Podcasts are hot and so popular that more than 57% Americans listen to them every week. You can get as much personal information as you like to be able to reach the heads of some of your favorite players. This will keep you busy and give you plenty of material to read or digest until the US Open begins.

6. Use social media

You can find out the truth on social media platforms. You can browse Twitter, Instagram and Reddit or TikTok to find all the information you need quickly. You might find your favorite tennis players there sharing their lives, stories, and throwbacks from past tournaments via a post or picture. You will feel like you’re on a tennis-made rollercoaster with tons of information that can overwhelm.

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7. Purchase tickets

Tickets can be purchased in advance to ensure safety and security. However, you may also want to consider other tournaments while you wait for the US Open. TheTicketMerchant is a great place to get tickets for the Australian Open. You can also find tickets for other events, including cricket, AFL, cricket and Fifa Women’s World Cup. It sounds great! You can even go to a concert while waiting for the US Open to begin. There are many options available at affordable prices. You can order online and pick up your tickets right from your own home.

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Are you ready for your fix?

These steps will help you enjoy tennis at a high level. We would love to hear what you are most interested in and what you’re eager to try.