What is “Ziba Beauty” and How did it get its name?

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The Story Behind The Business ziba beauty

First, we must ask ourselves: What is Ziba Beauty? What is the indefinable magnetism that illuminates the soul of each person? And where does the faint sparkle of the human jewel get its brilliance.

Why is the Far East’s exoticism (Persia and India, Orient) so dominant in the West for centuries?

Ziba Beauty has the answers. We have the keys to unlock the mysteries of the ages. We combine the cultures and traditions of East Asia to offer select beauty services in the United States. This includes The Art of Threading (r), an ancient method of eyebrow shaping and hair removal, and The Art of Mehndi (r), which is a temporary art form used for good luck and celebrations.

It is believed that the eyes and the brows are key to bringing out the beauty within each person and accentuating their uniqueness.

It is an international chain of beauty salons that specialize in The Art of Threading (r) and body art with The Art of Mehndi (r).

Ziba Beauty studios have 14 locations in California. They bring authentic Eastern beauty techniques to America. These services are almost painless, making them a more attractive option for women in Western countries looking to remove their hair.

One5.6 million Americans seek out brow shaping services each year. Through its busy California Studios, Ziba Beauty shapes more than 1 million eyebrows each year.

Ziba Beauty specializes in The Art of Threading (r), an ancient form of eyebrow shaping and hair removal. The Art of Mehndi (r) is a traditional method of creating temporary tattoos using natural henna paste.

Traditionally, the feet and hands were painted to celebrate celebrations and bring good luck. Ziba Beauty also offers the Art of Waxing using a natural wax made only for Ziba and a proprietary product line called Sumita Beauty.

Ziba Beauty was a household name, offering its The Art of Threading (r) and The Art of Mehndi (r) services to many of the most famous A-listers in Hollywood. It is used by Madonna, Liv Tyler and many other celebrities for magazine shoots, concerts and music videos.

Ziba Beauty’s work was featured on the covers of Elle, Rolling Stone and other publications, propelling them to the forefront for lasting beauty trends.

Nearly one in 10 women spend money to remove facial hair, particularly eyebrow shaping. Ziba Beauty’s services are highly sought after by the more than 156,000,000 women in the United States.

The Art of Threading(r), is the best option for hair removal. It is cheaper, less painful, and leaves a defined eyebrow more than waxing or tweezing.

The Art of Threading(r), isn’t only for women. It is also popular among men who want to remove facial hair or shape their eyebrows. People will be hooked once they learn about threading and have tried it.

You’ll find threading shops in many ethnic areas in the United States, as well as public kiosks at some B- andC-level malls. Ziba Beauty uses upscale, stylish beauty studios that are staffed with highly-trained and experienced beauty professionals. Ziba offers eyebrow threading that is more personal and thoughtful for clients.