Top 10 Tips to Get Started in Basketball

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Get yourself kitted

Although there are not many things you need to do to get started, it is crucial to invest in good basketball shoes. A bad pair could cause injury. It is important to have good cushioning and support as the sport involves a lot more running and jumping. While high-top shoes offer more support for the ankles but feel heavier while playing, there are also mid-top options that can be used. Although they offer better ankle support, mid-top shoes are lighter. You need to consider your position and the level you are playing against.

Warm up

Warming up is recommended before you begin a game. Warming up helps reduce injuries and improves your performance. A good warm-up is essential for. Warming up properly should increase your heart rate. You can also incorporate drills before starting.

Get in shape

Basketball is an extremely physically demanding sport, so it’s important to be as fit and healthy as you can. You will be able to respond faster if you’re in better physical condition. You can also avoid injury by running. Running will improve your cardiovascular fitness, which will allow you to play. Yoga will also increase your flexibility.


You can’t replace practice. A player can only improve their skills by practicing hard and diligently. For a beginner in basketball, it is important to understand the basics and enjoy the game.

You can nibble with your weak hands

You can practice dribbling the ball with your weaker hand until you feel comfortable with it. You should always keep your head up when you dribble, so you can see what’s going on around you.


Practice shooting from many positions to improve your shot. It is crucial to understand your basketball shooting range. Keep your follow through steady to keep your technique intact. Also, make sure to keep your eye on your basket for the entire duration of your shot.


Jumping is an important skill in basketball that is often forgotten. Jumping high in basketball is crucial for players to collect rebounds, block shots and shoot well. Vertical jump training will help you improve your height and overall basketball performance.

Don’t dribble to hard

The biggest mistake people make when dribbling is to think that they need to bounce the ball as hard they can. You should dribble with your knees bent, straight back and head up. You should dribble just above your knee height. Also, remember that it is easier to control the ball by gently bouncing it and not trying to force it onto the floor.

Master one skill, then you can move on to the next.

Learning a few skills is a good way to build confidence. It is better to start at a very short range, then increase your distance gradually over time. Learn the basics before you attempt to do a slam shot in your first practice session. You will learn control and speed as you practice dribbling.

Study other players and find a coach.

It might be worthwhile to join a club if you are passionate about the game. The coaches will help guide you and help you improve your game. You can learn the finer points of the game by watching other players, particularly professionals.

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