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If you think of offlane heroes, then you likely Consider strength heroes. Well this post is not about a power enthusiast, it is about an agility hero! Your favourite kind of offlane teammate, the person who assembles like a transport because their principal feature is agility.

The hero? You Might Have figured it in line with the image. It is Venomancer! This enthusiast has been among the most powerful offlane heroes it is possible to select on your bars since the Outlanders upgrade was released.

In the time of the writing, he is sitting in a 52.38% win rate with an 8.26% select rate in the Divine/Immortal bracket on the Dotabuff page.

In this informative article, we’ll discuss why he is so Great And hot playstyles.


One Reason Venomancer is performing well is Because he is powerful against popular meta heroes and feeble against heroes that are unpopular.

At the best versus segment, heroes within this listing Comprise Tiny, Clockwerk, Templar Assassin, Doom, Ember Spirit, Ursa, Keeper of the Light, and Riki. How frequently have you seen these heroes on your own games? I am guessing pretty frequently.


Venomancer is among the most versatile heroes out there. There might be a couple of items which are very popular on the enthusiast but there is no item you would say is crucial construct.

In the last month based on his page, The best five most bought items on Venomancer (not such as Magic Wand and non-Guardian Greeves boots) were:

Veil of Discord

Aghanim’s Scepter

Force Staff

Spirit Vessel

Guardian Greeves

This will not tell the Entire story though because There are 19 distinct things being constructed on Venomancer with over 100,000 games. There’s a whole lot more variety in Venomancer’s construct compared to some hero such as Enigma where just 5 things are bought in over 100,000 games.


From the builds webpage, the ability build together with the Highest win rate along with also the hottest construct both concentrate on maxing Poison Sting by degree 7. From the 7.23 patch, a new impact to Poison Sting has been included: it currently applies HP regeneration decrease.


Talent-wise, individuals generally agree on which route to take.

At level 10, 74% consider +90 GPM and 26% carry -8 Venomous Gale CD. Astonishingly however, -8 Venomous Gale CD wins 1.1percent more frequently.

At level 15, 77.4% consider Gale Hero Effect Summons Two Wards and 22.6% take -12percent Poison Sting Slow. The popular option only wins 0.7percent more frequently.

At level 20, 74% consider +7 moment Poison Nova Duration and 26% take 15% Spell Lifesteal. 15% Spell Lifesteal wins 3.2percent more matches though.

At level 25, 63.5% consider 3x Plague Ward HP/Damage and 36.5% take +800 Poison Nova AoE. The popular option wins 1.4percent more frequently.


The alien banana guy is among the easier heroes To play along with one that is pretty enjoyable. Among my preferred Dota 2 moves would be to initiate a struggle by consuming as much care and harm as you can and then perishing for my group. This is some thing Venomancer excels at particularly in the event that you’re able to land a fantastic ultimate.